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Turf Laying Service

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Cart Turf Supplies are specialists in laying turf. We provide a professional service for laying all types of areas including high quality lawns, leisure gardens, parks, play grounds and more. Our team of experienced staff have over 25 years experience and are happy to help before, during and after you lawn as been layed. We are a small family run bussiness and quality is top priorty to us, therefore we use professional ground levelling machines (Not a rake and plank of wood) to provide that perfect finish. We believe turf laying is all in the ground preperation and that we are the best in our field!


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Cart Turf Supplies Northampton offer a supply only service to supply high quality lawn turf. This service is supply only where the turf can be collected or delivered.  We will precision cut the amount your require on the day to ensure the turf is fresh and healthy (not left lieing around) in a roll that is easy lay. We will keep you updated as to when the turf will be ready so you can lay your turf at its best!

Call 01858 575728 for more info.

Preparing the Ground

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Cart Turf Supplies Northampton belives that Preparing the ground is most important when laying a new turf lawn. To achieve the best results for a flat even and hard wearing lawn we use mechanical leveling machines to roll and plain the ground until it is perfectly level and you have a smooth flat finish.We level the ground then roll it and so on until the ground is perfect with no humps or hollows. This will then guarantee your lawn will not only be level but last a long time. Some turf companies use a rake and a plank of wood to level the ground and tell the customer to stay off the area until it is rooted. Only when you come to mow the lawn you will realise the ground has sunk in places and has to be mowed on a very high setting or scalping will occur; with the only way to fix the problem is to start all over again. This can be very costly and time consuming.



Cart Turf Supplies Northampton also provide good quality topsoil as well as turf. The topsoil is sold in tons. Give us a call with your requirements and we will be happy to help. Our topsoil is screened therefore easy to rake level to give your lawn the best start.


Lawns become old and tired if not looked after, we can rejuvenate your exsiting lawn back to life with our lawn treatment service. Call for details and advice 01858 575 728.



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Need help with your lawn; new or existing? Has your turf lost its colour but your not sure why? Want to know how much it will cost to have a new quality lawn layed?

Cart Turf Supplies has an experienced team of staff that are happy to help before, during and after buying turf or having a lawn layed by us.  Please call us on 01858 575728 today.

FREE Quotes


Our aim is to keep our clients happy before, during and after we have layed a lawn for you. So we start by giving you a FREE of charge quoting service to find out if we can help you get a perfect lawn you’ve always dreamed of for an affordable price.  A member of our professional team will visit your premises at a convenient time for yourself to view the turf area. A quote and advice will be given free of charge.  We can also provide an estimated quote via telephone, all you will need is  your measurements and your ground conditions.

So why wait call us today on 01858 575728 to find out your free quote!