Turf for sale Northampton

Welcome to Turf Northampton Suppliers; Cart Turf Supplies. We have been supplying quality cultivated lawn turf and professionally laying lawns for over 25 years.  Cart Turf Supplies is a small family run business with great experience, a knowledgable and friendly team who are happy to also provide free quotes and advice. We ourselves understand the requirment for quaity turf at affordable prices, therefore this is our main goal.


At Turf Northampton the turf is grown locally by ourselves.

To gurantee you fresh and healthy turf we cut daily to order so the turf isnt left lieing around to dry out. Our turf is precision cut in easy to lay rolls, that are delivered directly to your door.  Choosing the right seed is also important to produce a high quality cultivated lawn turf that is also hardwearing and free from disease and weeds. We use our extent of knowledge and new research to obtain the best.


Unlike some turf suppliers, Cart Turf Supplies specialises in laying lawns. This is done by using professional mechanical machinery to level and plain the ground so your new turf can be layed on a perfectly flat surface, creating a super long lasting lawn.

We have 2 grades of turf available for sale. Our best quality turf which is used for high class lawns and the other is a budget turf which is more hard wearing with thicker grasses perfect for children and dogs to play on, or to patch up exsiting lawns. Please call us today for advice on the turf most suitable for you.

Turf Northampton is a sister site for Cart Turf Supplies where we grow, supply and lay turf in Northampton, Coventry, Rugby, Leicester and all surrounding areas and villages.

If you have any questions regarding the turf, topsoil or the laying service please call Turf Northampton (Cart Turf Supplies) on 01858 575728 and we will always be happy to help.